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Dr. Michelle Bosworth: Adult Immunization

While we associate immunizations with childhood, the fact is that adults also need to receive vaccines against serious and potentially debilitating diseases. University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler family medicine specialist Dr. Michelle Bosworth discusses adult immunization in this Health Connection post.

Other than an annual flu shot, what immunizations should an adult have? (first question)

What factors are considered in determining what immunizations an adult needs? (skip to 1:00)

Which vaccines are the most important for an adult to have? (skip to 1:44)

How concerned should we be about potential side effects from vaccines? (skip to 2:35)

If you’ve ever had chicken pox, are you at risk for getting shingles? Is there a vaccine? (skip to 3:35)

People will argue that the diseases for which we receive vaccines are now under control. Why do we need to be vaccinated? (skip to 4:40)

Which is more effective in delivering an immunization, an injection or the nasal mist? (skip to 5:21)

Dr. Thomas Belt: Is it a cold or is it the flu?

When weather cools, more of us begin suffering from colds and influenza. But which is it? Is it a common cold or is it the flu? And if it is the flu, is it seasonal flu or the H1N1 so-called “swine flu?” Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Thomas Belt address these and other questions surrounding cold and flu season in this Health Connection post.

How do I know if it’s a cold and how do I know if it’s the flu? (first question)

Are the symptoms different for seasonal flu as opposed to H1N1 flu? (skip to 2:03)

If I have flu-like symptoms, how do I know when it’s time to call the doctor? (skip to 2:55)

How do physicians determine whether or not I have the flu? (skip to 4:16)

How is the flu treated? How is a common cold treated? (skip to 5:23)

Are there comfort measures or over-the-counter medications for the flu? (skip to 6:40)

Is there anything that is effective for nasal discharge in connection with colds and flu? (skip to 7:20)