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Dr. Dudley Goulden – Heart Medications

Doctors today have an array of safe and effective medications for the treatment of heart disease. Each medication has a specific purpose and care must be taken when using them in combination. Dr. Dudley Goulden discusses heart medications in this post to healthconnection.tv from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler.

What are the differences between beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors and statins in the treatment of heart disease? (first question)

How successful are these drugs in treating heart disease? (skip to 0:55)

Are there side effects to be concerned about in connection with these heart medications? (skip to 01:26)

Is there any one medication that has proved better than others in treating heart disease? (skip to 02:05)

If I have high blood pressure, is it a given that I should be taking a diuretic? (skip to 02:42)

Are heart disease medications like statins, aspirin and beta blockers underutilized in treating heart disease in women? (skip to 03:20)

With respect to adults over age 50, what percentage of them suffer with high blood pressure? (skip to 04:12)

What is your opinion concerning a daily aspirin regimen with respect to preventing or treating heart disease? (skip to 04:46)

Are there potential problems with the long-term use of heart disease medications that could outweigh the benefits? (skip to 05:36)

Are there any promising new heart disease medications on the horizon? (skip to 06:23)