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Prostate Health – Dr. Thomas Belt

As men get older, one of the most common health concerns is prostate health. Most men will experience symptoms of an enlarged prostate and increasing age brings about a corresponding increased risk for prostate cancer. The University of Texas Health Science Center’s Dr. Thomas Belt talks about prostate health in this post to HealthConnection.TV.

What is prostatitis and what are the symptoms? (first question)

Why can prostatitis be difficult to diagnose and treat? (skip to 1:29)

What is benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, and how common is it? (skip to 2:15)

How is BPH treated? (skip to 3:22)

Why does the prostate gland in men seem prone to cancer? How common is prostate cancer? (skip to 4:22)

Are there early warning signs for prostate cancer? (skip to 4:53)

How is prostate cancer treated? (skip to 5:40)

Are there proactive steps that can be taken toward having a healthier prostate? Does nutrition play a role? (skip to 8:00)

What role does exercise play in keeping a healthy prostate? (skip to 9:58)

High Blood Pressure – Dr. Patti Olusola

It’s called the silent killer for a reason. Many people who have high blood pressure either don’t know it or don’t treat it and suffer not a single symptom until something catastrophic such as a heart attack or stroke occurs. Dr. Patti Olusola, a Family Medicine Specialist at the University of Texas Health Science Center answers questions regarding diagnosing and treating high blood pressure in this post to Health Connection.TV.

What is high blood pressure? (first question)

What causes high blood pressure? (skip to 0:34)

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure and why is it called the “silent killer?” (skip to 1:02)

What happens to people who have high blood pressure who either don’t know it or don’t treat it? (skip to 1:30)

How is high blood pressure treated? (skip to 2:06)

Are medications for treating high blood pressure well tolerated? (skip to 2:40)

What is the connection between salt and high blood pressure? (skip to 2:53)

What are some of the salty foods that we eat that might surprise us? (skip to 3:24)

Can children have high blood pressure? How does it affect them short and long term? (skip to 4:04)

If one has high blood pressure, how helpful is it to use a blood pressure monitor at home and how accurate are the readings? (skip to 4:59)

If using a blood pressure monitor at home, how frequently should a reading be taken and what time of day is best? (skip to 5:51)

Will there ever be a vaccine for high blood pressure? (skip to 6:38)