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Springtime Allergies – Dr. Paul Sharkey

Allergies in the spring are common in many areas of the United States but perhaps no more so than in East Texas. Dr. Paul Sharkey, a pulmonology physician and allergy treatment expert answers questions about treating and coping with seasonal allergies in East Texas.

When does allergy season begin in East Texas? (first question)

Where can we find out what pollens are in the air? (skip to 0:36)

What are the symptoms of springtime allergies? (skip to 0:59)

Is there anything that can be done to prepare for allergy season ahead of time? (skip to 1:19)

What medications are typically prescribed to treat seasonal allergies? (skip to 2:00)

Can allergies be managed with over-the-counter medications? (skip to 2:49)

Are nasal sprays addictive? (skip to 3:31)

Are antihistamines addictive as well? (skip to 4:45)

When does a prescription for allergy medication become necessary? (skip to 4:57)

Do I need allergy shots? (skip to 5:54)

What about sublingual medications – drops under the tongue – how do they work and are they as effective as allergy shots? (skip to 6:50)

Beyond medication, what can be done to manage allergies? (skip to 7:40)

What about home comfort measures such as nasal washes? (skip to 8:22)