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Preparing for Flu Season – Dr. Wyn Andrews

With respect to the flu you really have two choices. Run the misery of getting it, or, get vaccinated against it. In this post to www.HealthConnection.TV, Family Medicine physician Dr. Wyn Andrews from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler talks about ways to prevent the flu and ways to deal with the flu if you should be so unfortunate to get it.

When is the best time to get vaccinated for the flu? (first question)

Who should be vaccinated? (skip to 0:37)

Fact or fiction- can you get the flu from getting the flu vaccine? (skip to 1:22)

Why do some people insist that they got the flu as a result of getting the vaccine? (skip to 2:06)

Explain the different ways to receive a flu vaccination including the new “intradermal” vaccine. (skip to 2:55)

How do you know if what you have is really the flu and not just a common virus like a cold? (skip to 3:54)

Are there medications that will reduce the severity or duration of flu symptoms? (skip to 5:00)

Apart from bed rest and drinking fluids, are there other comfort measures that can be taken for the flu? (skip to 5:45)

How do you know when it’s necessary to see a doctor in connection with flu symptoms? (skip to 6:27)