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The Sun & Vitamin D – Sally Brown, N.P.

If your body is deficient in Vitamin D, all sorts of health problems can crop up. But in order to fully synthesize Vitamin D, your body needs some time outdoors in the sun. Nurse Practitioner Sally Brown from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler discusses the relationship between Vitamin D and the sun in this edition of HealthConnection.TV.

How much sun is too much? (first question)

What kind of sunscreens are best? (skip to 0:53)

Is it possible to get too little sun? (skip to 1:23)

What is the connection between Vitamin D and sun exposure? (skip to 2:04)

Do sunscreens inhibit Vitamin D absorbtion? (skip to 2:48)

What foods contain Vitamin D? (skip to 3:29)

Should we be taking a Vitamin D supplement and if so, how much? (skip to 3:48)

Can not getting enough sun exposure lead to long-term health problems? (skip to 4:33)

Taking all of these issues into consideration, what is your best advice with respect to Vitamin D? (skip to 5:16)



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