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Breast Cancer: Knowledge is Your Power – Dr. Ed Sauter

When it comes to the subject of breast cancer, the more you know about it the better able you are to deal with it if if happens and the better able you are to avoid it altogether. In this post to HealthConnection.TV, UT Health Northeast cancer expert Dr. Ed Sauter answers questions on things you should know about breast cancer.

Do we know what actually causes breast cancer? (first question)

What are the risk factors that may increase the likelihood that a woman could develop breast cancer? (skip to 1:12)

As compared to other risk factors, how much do genetic factors influence a woman’s likelihood of developing breast cancer? (skip to 2:17)

What is the link between hormones and breast cancer? (skip to 2:50)

Are there exposures in our environment that may increase the risk for breast cancer? (skip to 3:29)

What choices can a woman make to reduce her risk for developing breast cancer? (skip to 4:15)

Why is alcohol consumption a risk factor for breast cancer? (skip to 5:11)

Beyond a healthy diet, what about eating specific foods, such as soy, nuts, tea, berries, grains and foods that contain high amounts of antioxidant phytochemicals as a means to reduce breast cancer risk? (skip to 5:40)

Bottom line — what is the best overall strategy for reducing breast cancer risk? (skip to 7:27)