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Pelvic Pain: An Equal Opportunity Complaint – Dr. Delbert Rudy

Pelvic pain is an equal opportunity complaint. It affects both men and women. The causes may vary but the results are the same — discomfort and poor quality of life. In the latest post to HealthConnection.TV, UT Health Northeast urology expert Dr. Delbert Rudy discusses the causes of, and treatments for, pelvic pain.

How common is pelvic pain in women and what causes it? (first question)

How do women with chronic pelvic pain describe their symptoms? (skip to 0:49)

How do you make a diagnosis of the underlying cause of pelvic pain in women? (skip to 1:35)

What types of treatment are available for women with pelvic pain? (skip to 2:29)

How common is pelvic pain in men and what are the possible causes? (skip to 4:45)

What kinds of questions would you ask a man complaining of pelvic pain? (skip to 5:52)

Are the treatments for pelvic pain in men different than for women? (skip to 6:59)

What are some of the pelvic pain conditions that are common to both men and women? (skip to 7:46)

What are the consequences of undiagnosed or untreated pelvic pain for men and women? (skip to 8:49)


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