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Stress: More Dangerous Than You Think – Gerald Brown, P.A.

“Stressed out” is an expression we hear all the time and, indeed, we do seem to all run at a fast, stressful pace. But being under constant stress is a bigger risk to your health than you might think. Recognizing and coping with chronic stress is the topic that Certified Physician Assistant Gerald Brown covers in this post to HealthConnection.TV.

The word, “stress” is very commonly used. What exactly is stress? (first question)

Do we all experience stress in the same way? (skip to 0:48)

What are the stress warning signs to which we need to pay attention? (skip to 1:24)

What is the tipping point at which we go from normal stress to chronic stress? (skip to 2:10)

What is the long-term impact on us physically from chronic stress? (skip to 2:46)

Are there some practical and effective ways to manage our stress? (skip to 3:27)

How do we know if we are doing a poor job of managing stress? (skip to 4:08)

When does one know that it’s time to seek professional help in dealing with stress? (skip to 4:39)

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