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Diabetes Clinical Trial – Dr. David Shafer

Because of clinical trials, deaths from heart disease have dropped by over 40 percent, AIDS is no longer an automatic death sentence and cancer drugs can now attack the root cause of the disease. Now at the U.T. Health Science Center at Tyler, a new treatment is clinical trial that could prove just as revolutionary in fighting the devastating effects of diabetes. The U.T. Health Science Center’s Dr. David Shafer discusses this clinical trial in this edition of Health Connection.

What exactly is a clinical trial? (first question)

Why are clinical trials important? (skip to 0:59)

Tell us about the Type 2 diabetes clinical trial now underway at the U.T. Health Science Center at Tyler. (skip to 2:08)

What specifically are you looking for in this trial? How is the treatment being studied different? (skip to 2:54)

How does one qualify to participate in the trial? (skip to 4:06)

Why is Type 2 diabetes so difficult to control for so many people? (skip to 5:10)

How does one obtain more information on this clinical trial or other clinical trials being conducted at the U.T. Health Science Center at Tyler? (skip to 5:53)