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Depression – Dr. Wyn Andrews

Everyone gets in a funk from time to time. It’s a natural part of being human. But for millions of Americans every year, it goes beyond being in a bad mood. It’s a debilitating disease called depression. For many sufferers, the first challenge is to recognize the problem. In this post, we’re joined by the U.T. Health Science Center’s Dr. Wyn Andrews as he discusses diagnosing and treating depression.

What exactly is depression? (first question)

Why can’t I just “get over it?” (skip to 1:17)

How big a problem is depression in the United States? (skip to1:44)

Are some people more prone to depression than others? (skip to 2:15)

How do I know if I truly am clinically depressed? (skip to 2:57)

How long does depression typically last? (skip to 3:42)

What are the common treatments for depression? (skip to 3:58)

How effective are medications in treating depression? (skip to 4:11)

What is “major depression?” (skip to 4:33)

When is it time to seek help from a physician that specializes in the treatment of depression? (skip to 4:53)

Generally speaking, is there hope for people who suffer with depression? (skip to 5:34)

Are there any new and more effective drugs in the pipeline waiting for approval? (skip to 6:00)

Are there serious side effects to the drugs currently being used to treat depression? (skip to 6:48)