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Exercise & Arthritis – Lori Andrews, PT

When your joints are stiff and painful from arthritis, your first instinct might be to avoid exercise. But the truth is that appropriate exercise is likely to be just the thing to reduce inflammation and pain and to restore your ability to engage in normal daily activity. Licensed Physical Therapist Lori Andrews from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler discusses exercise and arthritis in this post to healthconnection.tv.

What are the myths surrounding arthritis and exercise? (first question)

What are the benefits of exercise for someone suffering with arthritis? (skip to 0:29)

What are the best types of exercise to do for arthritis? (skip to 0:54)

How important is warming up prior to exercising arthritic joints? (skip to 1:37)

What is the best exercise program for the beginner with arthritis? (skip to 2:10)

Give some examples of good exercises for someone just getting started. (skip to 2:56)

How should seniors exercise to improve their arthritis? (skip to 3:57)

Are there any exercises or activities that someone with arthritis should avoid? (skip to 5:02)

What happens to someone with arthritic joints when they are not active and avoid exercise? (skip to 5:33)

Are there any books or DVDs on exercise that you would recommend to an arthritis sufferer? (skip to 5:58)

Exercise for Couch Potatoes – Dr. David Di Paolo

Of all the health problems that most of us are likely to face, the most common and the most persistent are high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. The good news is that all three of these chronic conditions can be prevented or dramatically improved through a regimen of low cost, moderate exercise five days a week. The U.T Health Science Center’s Dr. David Di Paolo talks about ways you can get off the couch and on the way to better long-term health.

What is the least amount of exercise I can do and still gain benefit? (first question)

Are there benefits to be gained from just a brisk walk? (skip to 2:04)

If I haven’t exercised regularly in a while, what is the best way to get started? (skip to 2:45)

What are the most common mistakes that people make with respect to an exercise program? (skip to 3:33)

What are the benefits to an exercise program besides looking better in the mirror? (skip to 4:47)

Which is more important, strength training or aerobic exercise? (skip to 5:15)

If you could only suggest two or three exercises, what would they be? (skip to 6:05)

Is any of the exercise equipment we see advertised on TV worth the price? (skip to 7:15)