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Hemorrhoids – Jan Seliga, NP

Hemorrhoids have affected world history. On the day of his decisive defeat at Waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte was suffering excruciating pain as a result of severe hemorrhoids. Today, hemorrhoids are well-understood, preventable and treatable. The U.T. Health Science Center’s Nurse Practitioner Jan Seliga discusses preventing and treating hemorrhoids in the latest post to HealthConnection.TV.

What are hemorrhoids? (first question)

What causes hemorrhoids? (skip to 0:25)

Are there occupational connections to having hemorrhoids? (skip to 0:56)

Why are some hemorrhoids so painful? (skip to 1:11)

It is possible to have hemorrhoids without knowing it? (skip to 1:23)

Do over-the-counter treatments for hemorrhoids work? (skip to 1:40)

How serious are hemorrhoids? (skip to 2:00)

When is it time to seek medical treatment for hemorrhoids? (skip 2:28)

What are the medical treatments for hemorrhoids? (skip to 2:50)

Can hemorrhoids be prevented? (skip to 3:24)