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Insect & Bug Bites – Dr. Greg Johnson

Summer is the season for insect and bug bites, particularly in East Texas. Most bites are little more than a nuisance. But sometimes, an insect or spider bite, a wasp sting or a bee sting can be very serious. U.T. Health Science Center emergency room chief Dr. Greg Johnson talks about insect and bug bites in this installment of Health Connection.

When does a mosquito bite become something about which to be concerned? (first question)

What are the symptoms of and treatment for West Nile Virus? (skip to 0:35)

What is the best way to remove a tick? (skip to 1:30)

What is the likelihood of contracting Lyme’s Disease from a tick? (skip to 2:00)

How common are Brown Recluse and Black Widow spider bites in this part of the world? (skip to 3:11)

What are the symptoms of a dangerous spider bite? (skip to 3:44)

What if I don’t know what bit me but it just seems to be getting worse? (skip to 5:12)

What are some practical ways to avoid insect and spider bites? (skip to 6:14)

What repellents work best and do they work on all insects and bugs? (skip to 6:55)

How do you treat bee and wasp stings? (skip to 7:57)

What is the likelihood of a severe allergic reaction to a bee or wasp sting? (skip to 8:53)