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Prostate Cancer: From Screening to Diagnosis to Treatment – Dr. Hitesh Singh

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men and causes about 36,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Some men, based on ethnicity, occupation, family history and age, are more susceptible. The U.T. Health Science Center’s Dr. Hitesh Singh talks about the screening, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in this latest post to HealthConnection.TV.

What is the likelihood that a man will develop prostate cancer over the course of his lifetime? (first question)

What causes prostate cancer? (skip to 0:43)

How is prostate cancer detected? (skip to 2:00)

Why has the PSA test for prostate cancer become controversial? (skip to 2:37)

What would be the impact if the medical community stopped using the PSA test as a screening tool? (skip to 4:15)

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer? (skip to 4:47)

How serious is a diagnosis of prostate cancer? (skip to 5:22)

How is prostate cancer treated? (skip to 6:25)

Are there things a man can do to prevent getting prostate cancer? (skip to 8:15)

What does the future hold for prostate cancer treatment? (skip to 8:53)

Radiation Therapy for Cancer – Dr. Lewis G. Smith

It has been known since the 19th century that radiation will kill cancer cells. The challenge has been to use radiation effectively while doing minimum damage to healthy tissue. Advances in radiation therapy technology have rendered radiation a much more effective weapon in the battle against many cancers.

What is radiation oncology? (first question)

How does radiation kill cancer cells? (skip to 1:26)

How effective is radiation in treating cancer? (skip to 3:10)

What types of cancers are typically treated with radiation? (skip to 4:27)

How is the decision made to use radiation, chemotherapy or both in treating cancer? (skip to 5:22)

How has radiation therapy improved? (skip to 6:20)

What are the potential side effects to treating cancer with radiation? (skip to 9:53)

The U.T. Health Science Center at Tyler has a new linear accelerator which delivers radiation treatment to patients. How is it different from most linear accelerators? (skip to 13:08)

What does the future hold for radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer? (skip to 16:34)

Fighting Back Against a Diagnosis of Cancer – Deirdre Leung, NP

A cancer diagnosis is never good news but the fight against the disease is winnable in many cases with the right therapy, the right support and the right attitude. In this post to Health Connection.TV, Oncology Nurse Practitioner Deirdre Leung of the U.T. Health Science Center at Tyler talks about putting up the best possible fight against a diagnosis of cancer.

Can you really fight cancer? (first question)

Why is exercise important in fighting cancer? (skip to 0:48)

Are there cancer fighting foods? (skip to 1:09)

What role, if any, do holistic treatments such as detoxification, heat treatment and herbal therapy play in the fight against cancer? (skip to 2:16)

How important are support groups in fighting cancer? (skip to 3:54)

What role does spiritual wellness play in fighting cancer? (skip to 5:03)

Does having a positive mental attitude impact the fight against cancer? (skip to 6:03)

Describe the character traits of someone who does well in fighting cancer? (skip to 6:58)