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The Effect Pain Has on Sleep – Dr. Jim Stocks

It makes sense that if you hurt, you won’t sleep. But it is also true in many cases that if you don’t sleep, you’ll hurt. The relationship between pain and sleep is a complex one — a better understanding of which could lead to improved health and quality of life for those that suffer chronic pain. Dr. Jim Stocks from UT Health Northeast explores this complex relationship in the latest post to HealthConnection.TV.

A significant number of people with sleep problems also have chronic pain. Is there a connection between sleep and pain? (first question)

What are the most common causes of the pain and sleep problem? (skip to 0:49)

How does pain affect sleep quality? (skip to 1:43)

A recent study has found that people with chronic pain may benefit from more sleep. Why would that make a difference? (skip to 3:13)

Can sleep disorders such as sleep apnea cause pain? (skip to 5:16)

What are the long-term effects of poor quality sleep caused by chronic pain? (skip to 6:31)

If you suffer from chronic pain, what can be done to get more restful sleep? (skip to 7:14)

When is it time to see a doctor for chronic pain and sleep problems? (skip to 9:47)