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Sinusitis – Dr. Leslie Couch

When you feel pressure or pain around your eyes, when you run a low-grade fever, when your nasal discharge is colored or when you have a headache, chances are it goes beyond our typical East Texas allergies. Chances are, you are suffering with sinusitis. Pulmonary specialist Dr. Leslie Couch of the U.T. Health Science Center at Tyler talks about diagnosing and treating sinusitis before it becomes a more serious health problem.

1. What is sinusitis? (first question)

2. How common is sinusitis? (skip to 0:35)

3. Can thing such as allergies be confused with sinusitis? (skip to 1:36)

4. How is sinusitis treated? (skip to 2:07)

5. What are some comfort measures that can be taken when suffering with sinusitis? (skip to 2:50)

6. When should I see a doctor for sinusitis? (skip to 3:28)

7. What is the difference between chronic and acute sinusitis? (skip to 4:17)

8. Are there any new treatments or medications in the pipeline for sinusitis? (skip to 4:41)

9. What other health problems can sinusitis cause? (skip to 05:52)