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Low Testosterone: Talk to Your Doctor First – Dr. Thomas Belt

If you are a man and have noticed that you’ve lost a little of your edge or have a lower libido, it might be because of low testosterone. Testosterone levels in men drop with age. With proper diagnosis and treatment, however, testosterone levels can be restored effectively. Dr. Thomas Belt answers questions on low testosterone in this post to HealthConnection.TV.

What is testosterone and why does it decline in men as they age? (first question)

How is testosterone measured or tested? (skip to 0:58)

What are the symptoms of low testosterone? (skip to 1:32)

Are there other conditions besides age that can cause testosterone levels to be low? (skip to 2:09)

Is there a link between low testosterone and other medical conditions? (skip to 2:52)

How is low testosterone treated? (skip to 3:47)

How effective is the treatment for testosterone? (skip to 4:34)

Are there risks to treating for low testosterone? Is physician supervision important? (skip to 5:29)

What are the risks associated with treating low testosterone with non-prescription, over-the-counter products? (skip to 6:49)

What is the best advice for men who think they may have low testosterone? (skip to 7:31)

Testosterone – Dr. Monte Smith

A big part of what makes a man a man is the testosterone that circulates in his body. But as men age, testosterone production by the body decreases, leading to health complications and a potential loss in quality of life. In this post to HealthConnection.TV, the U.T. Health Science Center at Tyler’s Dr. Monte Smith discusses diagnosing and treating low testosterone in men.

How does testosterone affect the male body? (first question)

What is testosterone deficiency and what causes it? (skip to 0:54)

Are there obvious symptoms attendant to testosterone deficiency? (skip to 2:20)

Why does testosterone decrease with age? (skip to 3:26)

How is testosterone deficiency diagnosed? (skip to 4:25)

How is testosterone deficiency treated? (skip to 4:58)

Are there side effects attendant to testosterone replacement therapy? (skip to 6:01)

What are the risks attendant to testosterone replacement therapy? (skip to 7:27)

Are there risks attendant to leaving testosterone deficiency untreated? (skip to 8:31)

What about over-the-counter products we see and hear advertised for treating testosterone deficiency? Do they work and are they safe? (skip to 9:20)