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Triglycerides – Gerald Brown, P.A.

If you eat too much, particularly if you eat a lot of starchy fatty foods, chances are your triglycerides will become elevated, putting you at risk for a host of health problems. On the other hand, triglycerides are an essential blood fat, made by your liver to provide instant energy when it’s needed. U.T. Health Science Center Physician Assistant Gerry Brown talks about triglycerides — the good and the bad — in this post to HealthConnection.TV.

What are triglycerides? (first question)

What is the difference between triglycerides and cholesterol? (skip to 0:32)

What purpose do triglycerides serve — are they important to good health? (skip to 1:00)

How do you measure triglycerides? (skip to 1:21)

What things can cause triglyceride levels to be too high? (skip to 1:43)

Can you have high triglycerides without having high cholesterol or do they always go hand-in-hand? (skip to 2:26)

There’s a debate in the medical community regarding high triglycerides — are they a risk factor in and of themselves or only when combined with other disease markers such as high cholesterol? (skip to 2:45)

What is the medical treatment for high triglycerides? (skip to 3:28)

Are supplements such as Omega-3 fish oil effective in treating high triglycerides? (skip to 4:04)

Are there lifestyle changes that can be made to reduce high triglycerides? (skip to 4:40)