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The Latest on Salt & Blood Pressure – Dr. Sam Daya

One in three American adults has high blood pressure. Even more shocking, an estimated five percent of children now have high blood pressure, too — and that number is growing at an alarming rate. What is causing this epidemic? Certainly obesity and lack of exercise, but what about the latest research on the salt connection — is it really bad that for you? In the latest post to HealthConnection.TV, UT Health Northeast heart disease expert Dr. Sam Daya sets the record straight on high blood pressure and how to avoid the risks it brings for heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and chronic kidney disease.

What is high blood pressure? (first question)

What causes high blood pressure? (skip to 0:38)

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure and why is it often called the “silent killer?” (skip to 1:10)

What happens to people who have high blood pressure and either don’t know it or don’t treat it? (skip to 1:40)

How is high blood pressure treated? (skip to 2:17)

The Centers for Disease Control just came out with news about salt as it relates to high blood pressure. Some are now saying that there is no significant benefit to watching salt intake as a means of controlling blood pressure. What does the study actually say? (skip to 2:54)

What is your advice to your patients with high blood pressure and heart disease regarding their salt intake? (skip to 4:34) (EDITOR’S NOTE: In his answer to this question, you will hear Dr. Daya advise a maximum salt intake of 2,000 grams per day. This was an inadvertent slip of the tongue. He intended to advise a maximum daily intake of 2,000 milligrams.)

What about the recent news that people with high blood pressure actually crave salt? (skip to 5:20)

Can children have high blood pressure? How does high blood pressure affect children both short-term and long-term? (skip to 6:22)

For people with high blood pressure, other than medication, what are the most effective steps they can take in lowering their blood pressure? (skip to 7:20)