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Cancer Q&A: Common Myths & Misunderstandings – Dr. Hitesh Singh

Nearly all of us are affected by cancer. It we do not suffer it personally, we have a friend or family member that does. The near universality of cancer gives rise to myths and common misunderstandings about the disease. In this post to HealthConnection.TV, U.T. Health Northeast cancer expert Dr. Hitesh Singh answers questions on the common myths surrounding cancer.

How does cancer start? Is there a moment in time when one healthy cells transforms into a cancerous cell? (first question)

What causes cancer and why has it become so common? (skip to 1:27)

How and why does cancer spread or metastasize? (skip to 2:21)

Are there certain cancers that are more metastatic, that is, more likely to spread? (skip to 3:44)

Why are there so many different types of cancer and why haven’t we found a cure yet? (skip to 4:18)

Can injuries such as falls, bruises or broken bones turn into cancer? (skip to 5:33)

Can stress cause cancer? (skip to 6:17)

Are there any types of cancer that are contagious? (skip to 6:46)

Is it possible for men to get breast cancer“? (skip to 7:48)

Besides the vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV) that is implicated in cervical and certain mouth cancers, are there any other cancer vaccines? (skip to 8:13)

Is the treatment for cancer always worse than the disease itself? (skip to 8:38)