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Bronchiectasis – Dr. William Girard

When a cough becomes chronic and productive, when lower respiratory infections become frequent, the culprit may be a disease known as bronchiectasis. In some cases, bronchiectasis is congenital. But it most commonly arises as a complication of other diseases or from environmental exposures. Pulmonology specialist Dr. William Girard answers questions about bronchiectasis in this post to HealthConnection.TV.

What is bronchiectasis and what causes it? (first question)

How is bronchiectasis different from other lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis or pulmonary fibrosis? (skip to 1:19)\

Is bronchiectasis progressive like other lung diseases such as COPD? (skip to 2:25)

Why are women more prone to bronchiectasis than men? (skip to 3:44)

What are the symptoms of bronchiectasis? (skip to 5:22)

How is bronchiectasis diagnosed? (skip to 6:34)

How is bronchiectasis treated? (skip to 7:10)

Can bronchiectasis be prevented? (skip to 9:37)

Latent Tuberculosis – Dr. David Griffith

Latent tuberculosis is more common than you might think. As many as one of every 20 people are carrying the TB organism in their bodies without ill effect and without symptoms. But without warning, these latent TB organisms can trigger a full case of tuberculosis. In this post to HealthConnection.TV, U.T. Health Science Center at Tyler pulmonologist Dr. David Griffith answers questions about latent tuberculosis.

What is latent tuberculosis? (first question)

What are the symptoms of latent tuberculosis? (skip to 1:34)

How common is latent tuberculosis? (skip to 2:16)

How do you get latent tuberculosis and is it contagious? (skip to 3:19)

Does having latent tuberculosis mean you will automatically develop symptomatic tuberculosis? (skip to 4:08)

How is latent tuberculosis diagnosed? (skip to 5:15)

How is latent tuberculosis treated? (skip to 6:28)

Are the medications for treating latent tuberculosis generally well-tolerated by patients? (skip to 7:22)

Since latent tuberculosis isn’t contagious, does it even need to be treated? (skip to 7:53)

Is latent tuberculosis curable? (skip to 9:12)